The basic results of the project include:

  • A methodology for Adult Training using Art in the framework of the Popular University Institution.
  • An open to all on-line arts database with art pieces accompanied with documentation of the stories behind.
  • An ICT platform that will allow the development of innovative interactive training courses in the form of e-books. The platform will be connected with the arts database to allow integration of Artworks in the training content and personalization per user or user group(For example in the thematic area interpersonal relations; family relations the starting point could be either “Life” painting by Pablo Picasso, or "The Laundress" by Stefan Luchian or the "Rest in field" by Camil Ressu). The platform will guarantee also the sustainability of the project results.
  • An art based training course on Community Psychology (11 thematic areas - 171 training hours). Each thematic area will be presented in the form of an interactive e-book that will be adequate both for in class presentation and distance self-learning.
  • A sustainability, replication and exploitation plan that will help other stakeholders in the EU to run Popular Universities using the open access tools and content that will be created during the project.



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