Nea Smyrni (Greek: Νέα Σμύρνη, "New Smyrna") is a municipality and a southern suburb of Athens, Greece. At the 2011 census, it had 73,076 inhabitants.[1] It was named after the city Smyrna (today's İzmir in Turkey), from where a large number of refugees arrived and settled in the Nea Smyrni area following the 1922 population exchange between Greece and Turkey. Its built-up area is continuous with those of Athens and the neighbouring suburbs. It is the second-most densely populated municipality in Greece, following Kallithea.  




Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known IT provider company in Greece. The Company serves Greek public bodies, enterprises and other organizations with technology and services made possible by its long experience. Its solutions include 3D applications, assisted living solutions, tailor-made applications for people with disabilities, as well as e-learning platforms, e-commerce applications, document and knowledge management systems. In the field of education and training, the company uses game elements and techniques to motive engagement, participation and potentially drive behavior towards predefined goals. To this endeavour the company participates to a number of National and European Research projects where it applies gamification and game mechanics in different domains.



Sant Boi de Llobregat is a municipality of 81.142 inhabitants situated near Barcelona, surrounded of an important natural heritage and by an agrarian park that keeps in spite of the proximity of the big cities of the Metropolitan Area.

The City Council of Sant Boi is an organisation of 709 workers, with a consolidated budget of 90 million euros and organised in 7 technical areas.

The municipal government has as main priorities of its political action the generation of economic activity and quality employment in a more competitive and sustainable territory, the attention to the needs of people (especially families that live in vulnerable situations), the impulse of education and culture as a guarantee of rights and as engines of creation of future opportunities. The conservation of the values of the natural environment, the improvement and care of the public space and the deepening of democratic quality are also important goals throughout the municipal mandate.




Centre Recursos d’Iniciatives i Autoocupació, sl (C.R.I.A.) performs as consultancy and training organization of PROMOCIONS – Knowledge Network and is specialized in:

  • Social inclusion programs and social local development
  • Local economic and employment actions with disabled people
  • Training of trainers in innovation educational action, and training manager European projects to learning opportunities.
  • Work employment and social innovation
  • Programs of start-up and social enterprise development in different sectors
CRIA is a small private company, since 1997 promotes, assesses and participates in European initiatives programs and international cooperation. Work with public administrations (local and regional level), other private sectorial companies (services, education, industry), trade unions and social and educational organizations, economic and social thematic networks.




Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a newly-established public university, which was founded by law on December 2003. It is one of three state universities in Cyprus. Cyprus University of Technology is a dynamic university with six leading schools/faculties and 12 academic departments, able to offer education and high level research, in primary branches of science and applied technology, as well as in fine and applied arts, at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) has as its strategic target the design and development of research activities both within the university and in cooperation with other research institutes in Cyprus and abroad. The research emphasis of CUT is reflected in the substantial funding provided to academics for the establishment of research centres and laboratories. CUT aims at transferring knowledge (education) and producing new knowledge through basic and applied research in all the academic fields of the university’s six faculties (schools). Research is carried out in each different department or between two or more departments, under the responsibility of one or more members of the academic staff.




The Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) is a Government-owned Certification Organization founded in 2001 and operating as a private company with the Government being its only shareholder. It is managed by a 7-member Board, which comprises of representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism as well as from organizations of the private sector such as the Cyprus Employers and Industrialist Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Technical Chamber, the Academia and the Consumers Association. CCC operates in the field of certification of management systems, certification of training programs and training and exam centers, inspection of playgrounds and playground equipment, inspection of lifts, product certification, CE marking etc. CCC also operates a training center approved by the relevant government body (the Human Resource Development Authority - HRDA) and provides training in relevant to its services subjects, and also in specialized areas as those arise from the industry’s needs.



Real Group (UK) Limited is a UK company based in the South East of England (Canterbury, Greenwich and Staines). Real Group trades as Real Psychology (www.realpsychology.co.uk), Real e-Learning (www.realelearning.co.uk), Real Training (www.realtraining.co.uk), Dyslexia Action Training (www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk) and Dyslexia Action Shop (www.dyslexiaactionshop.co.uk). Real Group comprises a dedicated team of experienced applied educational psychologists, tutors, editors and instructional designers. The team combine their expertise with the latest learning theory and technology to deliver a range of training programmes, learning and assessment tools and consultancy in online learning development. Since 2004, Real Group has been delivering online, blended and face-to-face training to the state and independent sectors supporting initial and continuing development of educational professionals throughout the UK and internationally. 




The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) was founded on 16 November 1945. UNESCO has 195 Members and eight Associate Members. It is governed by the General Conference and the Executive Board. The Secretariat, headed by the Director-General, implements the decisions of these two bodies. The Organization has more than 50 field offices around the world. Its headquarters are located at Place de Fontenoy in Paris, France, in in an outstanding, Modernist building inaugurated in 1958 and recently renovated. UNESCO is the only International Organization that has such a huge global network of 199 National Commissions for UNESCO all over the world. The Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO is in an active partner and it is in close cooperation with the majority of other National Commissions. UNESCO’s Programs are implemented with the help of/ via several Networks. We are part of UNESCO’s unique global network of national cooperating bodies known as National Commissions. Our aim is to connect the Greek Government and UNESCO to the Greece’s educational, academic, scientific, cultural, creative and artistic communities. Greece participates actively in the shaping and implementation of policies related to the Organization’s fundamental actions, including qualitative education, combating illiteracy, promoting bioethics and the ethics of science and social transformations, predicting and tackling natural disasters in vulnerable regions.





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