The basic results of the project include:

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A methodology for Adult Training using Art in the framework of the Popular University Institution  


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An ICT platform that allows the development of innovative interactive training courses in the form of e-books.

The platform is connected with an open to all on-line arts database with art pieces and allows integration of Artworks in the training content.

An art based training course on Community Psychology (11 thematic areas - 171 training hours). Each thematic area is presented in the form of an interactive e-book that is adequate both for in class presentation and distance self-learning 

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A sustainability, replication and exploitation plan that aims to help other stakeholders to run Popular Universities using the open access tools and contents that were created during the project 

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Output 5: Certification Regulation for the Certification of Assessment (Certification of assessment leading to job qualification) 
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Further Reading

Educators taking part in project workshops that include transformative learning experiences should be able to signpost learners to further activities to capitalise upon the learners’ wish to explore topics in greater depth. A set of extension activities has been designed for each of the PopulArt workshop themes.  These are known as the ‘e-learning materials’ . 

The materials have been designed to fulfil two main purposes:

  1. To enable learners to consolidate their understanding of key facts on each of the workshop topics – quizzes to check understanding have been devised.
  2. To enable learners to extend or explore their thinking further with a variety of practical tasks and further readings.

These can be accessed via the PopulArt website:


e-learning materials



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